Hiking in Serra da Estrela

Enjoy nature hiking in the Serra da Estrela.

Vale Glaciar do Zezere, Serra da Estrela
Vale Glaciar do Zezere, Serra da Estrela
© Paulo Pereira

Serra da Estrela has the ideal setting for leisurely walks while breathing fresh and pure air. The best time for hiking is between May and October, which is when the weather conditions are quite favorable.

However, in late April, you can already do some hiking if properly prepared: the weather is still cold and damp but the slopes are covered with glitter and flowers – the beginning of spring. Keep in mind that winter is very harsh given the altitude of Serra, so in the remaining months we advise against this practice.

However if you really wish to hike during this cold times, choose a sunny morning with enough visibility for a short walk in the area of your accommodation. If you return at lunch time, you can enjoy an afternoon tucked in and by the fireplace.

There are 3 official routes for hiking in the nature park, as well as other tracks. T1 is a road that follows the entire length of the Park (about 90 miles) and is the most accessible, taking into consideration the type of ground (including the peak of the Tower). T2 and T3 are the other two routes (about 80 km) which follow the eastern and western slopes of the mountain.

All roads referred go to through cities and towns, so you can take advantage to explore a little. Main recommendation: start the walk (or drive) in the area of Manteigas because you’ll have a lot of fun!

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