Ruinas Romanas de Milreu, Algarve

Explore the Roman site of Milreu while in Faro, Algarve.

Milreu Roman Site, Faro, Algarv
Milreu Roman Site
© Câmara Municipal de Faro

If you want to travel back in time to Roman times, don’t miss the Milreu Roman Site: an imposing Roman villa from the IAD, and just 9 kilometers from Faro!

Mosaicos, Milreu, Algarve
© Câmara Municipal de Faro

This villa is characterized by the uniquely-shaped peristilo surrounded by a columned patio. Several mosaics with fish and geometric motifs were found in the surrounding rooms.

There is a complex network of rooms used as Roman baths: the apodyterium, changing rooms with domed alcoves and massage tables; the frigidarium, with a marble pool; and a pool with a precious fish mosaic. The luxurious nature of the villa is evidenced by the existence of an underground heating system and marble sculptures, although these have been moved to Faro and Lagos, where they can be seen today.

Nearby the entrance, don’t miss the “Sanctuary to the Water:” a temple devoted to the worship of water. It’s interior is decorated with polychrome marble slabs, and the exterior, with fish mosaics. Towards the late 4th century, around the time of the collapse of the Roman empire, the temple was transformed into a church and featured a baptismal font and small mausoleum. Afterwards, in the 8th century, it was turned into a mosque. Then, in the 10th century, earthquakes caused its sinking and, finally, in the 15th century, the contemporary house was built.

Three imperial busts were also found in this location: Agrippina from the I AD, Hadrian from the II AD, and Gallienus in the III AD.

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Estoi, Faro.

Ticket Price:

General admission: 2€.
Under 25 years: 1€.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday through Sunday from 9:00 and 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00.


(+351) 289 997 823.

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