Queluz Palace, Sintra

Encounter the Queluz Palace, the old parties and banquets spot for nobles and kings.

Queluz Palace, Sintra, Portugal
Queluz Palace ©Turismo C. do Estoril

The Queluz Palace is located on the suburbs of Sintra, in Queluz and, besides its beautiful building it also has fine taken care of gardens.

Sala da Música, Palacio Nacional de Queluz, Sintra, Portugal
Sala da Música ©Carlos Pombo
Queluz, Sintra, Portugal
Queluz ©Pedro Yglesias

The Queluz Palace was built in the XVII century by D. Pedro III and it was the residence of several kings as the D. Pedro III, his wife, D. Maria I and their son D. Pedro IV. This building formed a baseline patrimonial ensemble of the portuguese architecture. Inside there are important collections of art that reflect the taste of the court of the 17th to the 19th centuries, being representative of the baroque, rococo and neoclassical styles.

The interior of this palace is highlighted by the beautiful, taken care of and well-decorated rooms and halls as the Throne Room (used for receptions and parties, the Music Room (one of the oldest on the palace), the Chapel (with one nave in marble and covered by precious stones), the Princess Room, the Dining Room (with an exhibition of the palaces’ porcelain) and many others.

Outside the Palace you can also find the Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre, responsible for teaching horseriding, the refinment of practice and devolution of the art of Portuguese equestrian. In its installation it carries out spectacular displays to the public and official performances

Come and visit this palace located between Lisbon and Sintra which will provide you a good, relaxing day out.

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Largo do Palácio, Queluz, Sintra.

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Open from 9.00am to 7.00pm
Closed on tuesdays.


(+351) 214 343 860.

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