What to see in Leiria

Discover which are the most interesting places in Leiria and miss nothing in your holidays.

The lively city of Leiria houses several places of interest to visit during your stay in Portugal.

Discover which they are and don’t miss anything:

Leiria CastleLeiria Castle
Dare exploring Leiria Castle in your tour of the centre of Portugal.


Buddha Eden GardenBuddha Eden Garden
Awaken your senses contemplating Buddha Eden Garden, the biggest Oriental garden in Europe, in Portugal.

Cathedral of LeiriaCathedral of Leiria
Visit the Sé or Cathedral of Leiria in your journey through central Portugal.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Pena ChurchIgreja de Nossa Senhora da Pena Church
Admire the Gothic style of the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Pena church in your journey through Leiria.

Santo Agostinho ConventSanto Agostinho Convent
Visit the Santo Agostinho Convent on the banks of the river Lis, in Leiria, Portugal.

Nossa Senhora da Encarnação SanctuaryNossa Senhora da Encarnação Sanctuary
isit the Nossa Senhora da Encarnação Sanctuary.

São Francisco ConventSão Francisco Convent
Discover the São Francisco Convent of Leiria.

Praia do Pedrógão BeachPraia do Pedrógão Beach
Enjoy a fabulous day at the Praia do Pedrógão Grande beach in Leiria, Portugal.

Sporting Clube de Portugal Soccer MuseumSporting Clube de Portugal Soccer Museum
If you like football or you are fan of Sporting Clube de Portugal, you must visit this museum.

Museu do Moinho de Papel (Paper Mill Museum)Museu do Moinho de Papel (Paper Mill Museum)
Discover the traditional arts and crafts related to paper in this original museum.

Museu da imagem em movimento (Moving-image museum)Museu da imagem em movimento (Moving-image museum)
Find out techniques and objects related to cinema and photography.

City Farming Museum Dona JulinhaCity Farming Museum Dona Julinha
Get into and experience a farm by visiting the City Farming Museum Dona Julinha.

João Soares House-museum Cultural CentreJoão Soares House-museum Cultural Centre
Discover the history of politics in Portugal during the 20th century by visiting the João Soares House-Museum Cultural Centre .

Freixial Ethnographic MuseumFreixial Ethnographic Museum
Discover a typical rural housing of the late 19th century by visiting the Freixial Ethnographic Museum.

Museu Escolar dos Marrazes MuseumMuseu Escolar dos Marrazes Museum
Find out about schools of Portugal in the past by visiting the Museu Escolar dos Marrazes Museum in Leiria, Portugal.

Museu do Casal de Monte redondo MuseumMuseu do Casal de Monte redondo Museum
Find out about the economy of this area of Portugal in past centuries.

Mira d'Aire GrottoesMira d'Aire Grottoes
Explore the Mira d'Aire Grottoes, one of the 7 nature wonders of Portugal.

Santo António GrottoesSanto António Grottoes
Visit the Santo António Grottoes on your way through the Serras d'Aire y Candeeiros Natural Park, Leiria, Portugal.

Alvados GrottoesAlvados Grottoes
Explore the Alvados Grottoes located in the Serra d'Aire y Candeeiros Natural Park, Leiria, Portugal.

Serras d'Aire e Candeeiros Natural ParkSerras d'Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park
Explore the Serras d’Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park in Portugal.

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