Political System in Portugal

Which is the actual political regime in Portugal?

The actual Portuguese political regime is known as a democratical half presidentialist republic with four major power organs: the president of the republic, the republic assembly, the government and the courthouses.

The president, also known as Chief of State, has the executive power being his main functions inspecting the government, nominating members for the government or dismissing them. He might also dissolve the Assembly or reprove laws previously approved by it.

The Republic Assembly is elected every four years and it has approximately 230 deputies. Its main function is to support the government, approving its plans and budget or excluding them. The assembly is the law organ where most the law projects are discussed.

The government, chiefed by the Prime Minister, who’s usually the leader of the most voted party, is constituted by ministers, chosen by the prime-minister and State Secretaries. The government has main functions of presenting law projects to the Republic Assembly, autonomously creating laws that might be approved at the Ministers’ Council.

Finally courthouses administer justice for the people by defending their rights.

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