Travelling to Portugal

Discover all you need to know to prepare your trip to Portugal.

When preparing your trip to a foreign place, as Portugal, it’s very important to meet several details that will allow you to save time and money. It is also possible to avoid unpleasant moments that might ruin your trip to Portugal. This is why it’s crucial to know some basic informations about this destination, traditions, practices and culture.

How to prepare your trip to Portugal..

On this section you might learn interesting information about Portugal as a way of preparing your trip as you’ll find an answer to all your doubts as, for example:

accommodations in PortugalWhich is the best accommodation for my stay in Portugal?
Discover the best type of accommodation for your stay on this country.

mandatory documents to enter PortugalWhich are the mandatory documents to enter Portugal?
Discover the mandatory documents you need to bring in order to enter this country (BI/CC, Visa, Passport, etc.).

language in PortugalWhich is the official language in Portugal and on which other languages may I communicate? 
Discover which is the official language and on which other languages might you communicate without trouble.

Climate in PortugalHow’s the climate in Portugal?
Take a look at the climate on this country and its average temperatures.

CoinWhich is the coin?
Learn which is the official coin and which other means of payment are accepted.

call to PortugalHow may I call from my country to Portugal or from Portugal to my country?
Discover how may you call to Portugal from my country to this country and from Portugal to my country.

InternetWhere may I access internet in Portugal?
Discover where and how may you access the internet.

holidays and festivity calendarHow’s the holidays and festivities calendar in Portugal? 
Get to know the festivity calendar and the most important festivities.

Portugal Safe CountryIs Portugal a safe country?
Information about safety and police service in Portugal.

medical coverWhich medical cover will I obtain if I have an accident during my stay?
Discover the medical cover you’ll be able to obtain in Portugal in case of accident, according to your country of origin.

Fuso HorarioWhich time zone is Portugal included in?
Get to know the time in Portugal and which is its time zone.

vaccine to visit PortugalShould I take any vaccine to visit Portugal? 


customs work in PortugalHow do the customs work?
Understand how customs work and its merchandise limits.

commercial schedule in PortugalWhich is the common commercial schedule in Portugal?
Take a look at the commercial schedule in Portugal.

Daily prices in PortugalIs this an expensive country related to its daily products?
Discover its daily products prices.

tipping works in PortugalAre tips mandatory?
See how tipping works in Portugal.

embassyWhere may I find my country’s embassy?
Take a look at where can you find your country’s embassy in Portugal.

clothes Which are the advisable clothes to bring to Portugal?
A informação sobre que roupa levar na sua viagem dependendo da época do ano.

politic regimeWhich is the politic regime?
Learn which is this country’s political regime and how it works.

religion in PortugalWhich is the most common religion in Portugal?
Take a look at the most common religion in Portugal

Portugal’s FlagWhich is Portugal’s Flag?
Discover how it is the flag of Portugal as well as some curiosities about it.

coat of arms PortugalHow is its coat of arms?
Take a look at the Portuguese coat of arms, the westernmost country in Europe.

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