Cetacean Sighting in Madeira

Come to Madeira and meet some of the local dolphins and whales.

Cetacean Sighting in Madeira
Cetacean Sighting in Madeira
© Claudia Delgado

Madeira offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see whales and dolphins. In its waters you will be able to see a total of 28 cetacean species which are permanently living in the area, or migrating.

While you are in Madeira, it is highly recommended to take a boat tour to sight cetaceans which, thanks to their settlements, can be done all year long.

During these trips, it is pretty frequent to find species such as the common dolphin, the Atlantic spotted dolphin, the common bottlenose dolphins, the sperm whale, the short-finned pilot whale and the Bryde’s whale. In addition, it is really common to sightsee different turtle species such as the loggerhead sea turtle.

These trips usually last 3h and cost around 30€ per person. Furthermore, the possibility of swimming with dolphins is also offered, with a little supplement.

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