Free Waters Aqueduct, Lisbon

If you pass through this monument you won’t certainly be indifferent, discover the history and function of the Free Waters Aqueduct in Lisbon.

Free Waters Aqueduct, Lisbon, Portugal
Free Waters Aqueduct ©Celestino Manuel

This monument with great arcades near Alcântara is, in truth, a wide complex system of captation and water distribution from Belas, Sintra.

The aqueduct was built (during 1740 and 1748) by the king D. João V, over an old roman water system, with the goat to capture and transport drinking water to Lisbon. After the aqueduct was built, many fountains were installed throughout the city.

For some years the public way over the arches was prohibited specially due to the famous crimes done by Diogo Alves who stole his victims and then threw them down the Arches of the aqueduct, simulating their suicide. Diogo Alves was the last convicted to death on the History of Portugal

The aqueduct was disabled in 1968 yet it’s still possible to take guided trips through its arches.

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Vale de Alcântara, Lisboa

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