Attractions in Coímbra

Discover which are the most interesting places to visit in the district of Coímbra, Portugal.

The city of Coímbra and the rest of the district have a lot to offer. Discover which are the most emblematic places to visit in the city, and the most interesting trips you can make on its surroundings:

Almedina Tower and Museu da Cidade MuralhadaAlmedina Tower and Museu da Cidade Muralhada
Get to the High District by the monumental Almedina Tower and visit the Museu da Cidade Muralhada (Walled City Museum).

Sub Ripas PalaceSub Ripas Palace
Admire the Sub Ripas Palace, one of the survivors of the old walls of the city of Coímbra, in Portugal.

Torre do AntoTorre do Anto
Conheça a monumental Torre do Anto.

Coímbra Old CathedralCoímbra Old Cathedral
Visit the Sé Velha or Coímbra Old Cathedral and admire one of the most beautiful Romanesque monuments of Portugal.

Machado de Castro National MuseumMachado de Castro National Museum
Visit this art museum and discover one of the most important sculpture collections of Portugal.

Sé Nova or Coímbra New CathedralSé Nova or Coímbra New Cathedral
Discover the Sé Nova, or Coímbra New Cathedral.

Coímbra Academic MuseumCoímbra Academic Museum
Visit the Academic Museum and learn about the student life in Coímbra.

Old UniversityOld University
Visit the Universidade Velha or Velha University, one of the most visited places in Coímbra,.

Science Museu (Museu da Ciência)Science Museu (Museu da Ciência)
Visit the Science Museum of the University of Coímbra and its different galleries.

Bissaya Barreto House MuseumBissaya Barreto House Museum
Visit the Casa Museu Bissaya Barreto House Museum and have a look at it excellent collection of Portuguese tiles, national and Chinese china, and Joanine furniture.

Coímbra Botanic GardenCoímbra Botanic Garden
Relax and enjoy this charming botanic garden under the shadow of the São Sebastião Aqueduct, in Coímbra, Portugal.

Botanic MuseumBotanic Museum
Visit the Coímbra Botanic Museum and learn more about the importance plants have in our life.

Jardim da Sereia ou Parque de Santa CruzJardim da Sereia ou Parque de Santa Cruz
Relaxe e dê um passeio tranquilo pelo Parque de Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz MonasterySanta Cruz Monastery
Do not stop visiting the Santa Cruz Monastery in Coímbra, nowadays turned into a National Cemetery.

Igreja de São Tiago ChurchIgreja de São Tiago Church
Have a look at this 12th century Romanesque church on your way through Coímbra, Portugal.

Igreja de São Bartolomeu ChurchIgreja de São Bartolomeu Church
Discover this Baroque church right in the middle of the historical stretch of Coímbra.

Igreja do Carmo ChurchIgreja do Carmo Church
Get to know the Igreja do Carmo Church of Coimbra.

Santa Clara-a-Velha MonasterySanta Clara-a-Velha Monastery
Visit this monastery reopened to the public after two decades under restoration.

Santa Clara-a-Nova MonasterySanta Clara-a-Nova Monastery
Get to know how is the monastery where the remains of the Queen Saint Elizabeth rest.

Portugal dos PequenitosPortugal dos Pequenitos
Enjoy an unforgettable day with your children in the thematic park Portugal dos Pequenitos, in Coimbra, Portugal.

Water MuseumWater Museum
Get to know more about the history of the public water supply in the Museu da Água (Water Museum)

Miguel Torga House MuseumMiguel Torga House Museum
Visit the house where doctor and writer Miguel Torga lived, in Coímbra, Portugal.

Stone MuseumStone Museum
Learn more about the art of working with the stone in the Museu de Pedra de Cantanhede (Stone Museum), in Coímbra, Portugal.

Visit Piódão and discover the rural beauty of Portugal.

Piódão Museological CentrePiódão Museological Centre
Discover the different ways of life of the inhabitants of Piódão by visiting this fascinating Museological Centre.

Montemor-o-Velho CastleMontemor-o-Velho Castle
Go on a weekend break to Montemor-o-Velho and visit its stunning castle on your holidays in Coimbra, Portugal.

Conímbriga Roman RuinsConímbriga Roman Ruins
Why not taking a trip to the Conímbriga Roman Ruins.

Conímbriga Monographic MuseumConímbriga Monographic Museum
Get to know more about the old Roman city of Conímbriga by visiting its Monographic Museum.

Casa dos RepuxosCasa dos Repuxos
Visit the Casa dos Repuxos House on your way through the Roman ruins of Conímbriga, Portugal.

Mata Nacional do Buçaco ForestMata Nacional do Buçaco Forest
Go on a trip to the Mata Nacional do Buçaco Forest and visit the city of Luso, in Coimbra, Portugal.

Figueira da FozFigueira da Foz
Get to know Figueira da Foz and do not stop visiting it on your way through Coimbra.

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