Attractions in Serra da Estrela

Discover what are top places you must see in Serra da Estrela and don’t miss any of them in your vacations.

During your stay in Serra da Estrela, in addition to the numerous activities that you can do, you could also choose to explore the region. Serra da Estrela is a magnificent place, filled with natural beauty. Its typically mountain landscape allows its visitors and residents to observe from unique viewpoints. But apart from its surroundings, here are some recommendations:

iscover the municipality of Covilhã, in Serra da Estrela, Portugal.


Igreja de Santa Maria Church of CovilhãIgreja de Santa Maria Church of Covilhã
Come and enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet in the streets of Covilhã, in Serra da Estrela, Portugal.

Museu de Lanifícios (Wool Museum)Museu de Lanifícios (Wool Museum)
Come and discover how the famous wool of Serra da Estrela it’s manufactured!

Visit the town of Manteigas, in Serra da Estrela, Portugal.

Poço do Inferno WaterfallPoço do Inferno Waterfall
Let yourself be amazed by this enchanted Waterfall in Manteigas.

Termas de Caldas de ManteigasTermas de Caldas de Manteigas
Come, relax, and revitalize in the thermal waters of Serra da Estrela, in Portugal.

Explore Gouveia’s municipality of Serra da Estrela, Portugal.

Abel Manta Museum of Modern ArtAbel Manta Museum of Modern Art
Come and enjoy the art of this Museum of Gouveia.

Discover Seia in Serra da Estrela, Portugal.

Museu do Pão (Museum of Bread)Museu do Pão (Museum of Bread)
Come and learn how bread is made in Serra da Estrela, Portugal.

Museu do Brinquedo (Toy Museum)Museu do Brinquedo (Toy Museum)
Come and learn about the national history of toys at this museum of Seia.

Serra da Estrela Interpretation CentreSerra da Estrela Interpretation Centre
Come and explore the region of the Sierra through an interactive journey.

Come glance this point of interest in Serra da Estrela, in Portugal.

Natural Museum of ElectricityNatural Museum of Electricity
Take a visit to the past at the Natural Museum of Electricity in Seia, Serra da Estrela, Portugal.

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